Our wholly-owned company is constantly evolving to anticipate customer needs. We have always invested heavily in training, technologies, and machinery in order to develop flexible products and customized symptoms that respond to the needs of our most demanding designers and clients. 
The RasoParete team is organized to provide support through every project phase, from executive design through customization, formalization and production of the order. 
RasoParete’s flush wall systems are unique and most of them are patented.
Our flush enclosure systems for building service installations and storage spaces, with elegantly concealed hardware, together with our glazed door and partition systems with fully recessed frames, are capable of solving any type of interior and exterior space problem with a refined, minimalist aesthetic. The reliability, flexibility, and functionality of our products has earned them a place at the following companies and organizations: Geox, Diesel, Guess, Salvatore Ferragamo, Segafredo, Gruppo Permasteelisa, Banca Unicredit, Torre Regione Piemonte, the MAXXI museum, the Uffizi Gallery, the Science Museum of Padova, the Museum of Volterra, Torre Aquileia Jesolo, Ludus Magnum Roma, Coni-Roma, and many others. Our highly industrialized and well organized production processes permit us to offer an almost infinite range of solutions while simplifying every phase, from needs analysis to delivery, including skilled and efficient installation.