Opinion Ciatti

Founded by a Florentine family in the city’s historic Oltrarno neighborhood, Opinion Ciatti produces furnishings and accessories, including bookcases, tables, and chairs for the home, the office, and shared spaces.
The history of the company spans 70 years, marked by exceptional people and moments of great intuition: from the company’s founder, Rolando Ciatti, the first person in Italy to conceive of furniture devoted to the television set, to Bruno Rainaldi, who transformed a stack of books into an iconic contemporary bookcase, the Original Ptolomeo, winner of the Compasso d’Oro 2004.
Today the company is led by Roland’s grandson Lapo Ciatti. He is committed to carrying on the family tradition of providing the company’s attentive, curious, and informed customers with real solutions for niche functions. 
Opinion Ciatti uses cost-efficient materials and processes to produce a wide range of unique and concretely useful objects that lend a striking presence and personal touch to any environment they inhabit. The values that have always sustained the company – reliability, efficiency, and ethics – permit it to honor its history while continuing to anticipate future needs.