Estel Group

Founded in 1937 by Alfredo Stella, the Estel Group is one of the longest-running and most successful furniture manufacturers in Italy, as well as the leading Italian company in the office furniture market. It is currently headed by Alberto Stella, the company’s president, with the assistance of his sons Massimo and Matteo. The name Estel was coined from Estensibile Stella, a sliding folding door that was patented in the 1950s. The product soon became a bestseller, making the company known throughout Italy. Estel has operated in the home furnishings sector since its inception, while in 1980 it entered the office furniture sector, quickly becoming one of the main players on the international market. Today the company’s core business consists of its five modern, sophisticated office furnishing lines. 
Estel began internationalizing already in the late 1970s: the company began trading first in Belgium (1978), France (1979), the US (1982), and the United Kingdom (1984), and later expanded into other important markets, including Spain, Greece, Taiwan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, Israel, Russia, Hong Kong, Chile, Cyprus, Panama and Palestine. 
Estel has always manufactured its products entirely in Italy. Its two modern industrial plants total over 70 thousand square meters and employ 300 people. The company has always invested heavily in its Research and Development department, which employs dozens of people and represents 3.5% of turnover. Estel operates mainly in the Office area of Contract Furnishings, and to a lesser extent in Residences and Hotels.