Forma is a publishing initiative aimed at the diffusion of knowledge on trajectories and experiences in the fields of art, architecture and photography and, more in general, at the promotion of the most interesting researches on productive and technological aspects related to the transformation of the territory, contemporary lifestyles and homes.

The intention of the publishing house is to give a “form” to the expressive red threads which run through and animate the current cultural debate and to explore both specific areas of knowledge that are known to the public, and to give greater visibility to those currently marginal intellectual and artistic expressions that are considered, for various reasons, to open new vistas on reality.

To achieve this, Forma avails itself, without any distinction of priority, of every means of communication, both digital by making its publications available in the internet or by means of e-books, and traditional ones, by producing volumes on paper, as monographs and catalogues of exhibitions and events. Every initiative is characterized by the high quality of the product, the images, the printing, and the publications are distributed in places (specialized bookstores, museum bookshops and exhibition venues) which, in addition to being available in the internet, assure that necessary and indispensable presence in the “sites” where opinions and critic valuations are formed.